Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) being adopted by DCM Group of Schools (Punjab & Haryana) during Covid pandemic

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) being adopted by DCM Group of Schools (Punjab & Haryana) during Covid pandemic  

by Mr. Anirudh Gupta, CEO

The nationwide lockdown had left schools bereft of the presence of students. But with the series of Unlock, the Ministry of Education has given a green signal for schools to reopen from grade IX-XII. It is a happy moment for the staff members to see the students back in school.

Although the school building was closed due to the lockdown, yet our officials were continuously involved in evolving new methodology for hybrid education models and working on school re-opening in the New Normal.

Our concept of re-opening evolved after a detailed and objective analysis of various guidelines issued by the WHO, Ministry of Human Resource Development (now Ministry of Education), CBSE, Ministry of Health and Child welfare and the concerned State Government. We have also factored diverse models of re-opening propagated by various educational institutes. 

Various task forces were formed to address and focus on the important facets of re-opening. Some of the key areas of our emphasis have been the following:

Ø   Parent interface

Ø   Arrival Procedure and screening

Ø   Class room occupation and exit

Ø   Seating plan

Ø   Sanitization drills

Ø   Signages, training videos and precautionary announcements

Ø   Training and conditioning of teaching, administrative and support staff

Ø   Dispersal drills

One of the unique features of our re-opening drill is that we have adopted a Bubble Method of administration. In this system we have created self contained bubbles of class rooms, staff rooms, wash rooms and staff so that these personnel and students do not intermingle with other students and staff thus minimizing the chances of contact transmission.

Following are the measures that are being adopted by our schools in order to ensure the safety of all the people concerned.

For the students

•  Proper arrangements were made for safe arrival and dispersal of students. It was ensured that students don’t form clusters either while coming or while leaving. We ensured that separate gates and lanes are used for arrival and dispersal and the specific areas are sanitized before the arrival of the students.

•     Supervisory staff  was deployed to ensure that all precautionary norms are followed at all times.

•     On the arrival of students, it was ensured that they undergo the thermal screening and sanitize and wash. Medical record of all students and staff is maintained and special isolation chambers near the entrance gates have been established to ensure that symptomatic students and staff are not permitted to enter the school premises.

•     The name of the student  has also been written on  their desks so that the student  uses the same desk each day.

•     Foot operated sanitizing and hand wash machines have been installed in the building at short distances.

•     Neither the morning assembly was organized nor was any interval provided between the classes. This was planned to ensure that the students don’t meet each other in groups.

•     A special team of doctors and nurses has been constituted to tackle with any kind emergency, as and when required.

•     Various signages related to covid have been put up at various places to create awareness amongst the students and develop a behavior that helps in keeping the covid at bay.

•     Even an isolation ward has been kept ready for unforeseen circumstances thus to ensure the safety of students and staff.

•     The entire building is being sanitized on regular basis after the students and staff members leave.

Mr. Anirudh Gupta is a leading Edupreneur, an Eminent Writer and an enthusiastic philanthropist. He is an environmental engineer by qualification.
Mr. Anirudh Gupta is the CEO of the renowned D.C.M Group of Schools, which is a leading organization serving the cause of education since 1946. 
He heads the (North-II) Chair of FICCI ARISE which is a collegium of leading stakeholders who represent different facets of School Education in India.  He also heads the Education Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce (Chandigarh Region).
Mr. Gupta has been awarded as  Edupreneur of the Year 2019 by World Education Summit followed by Edupreneur of the Year 2019 Award  by World Didactic Association during the Asian Summit on Education & Skills 2019.
Mr. Gupta is also an eminent writer, an eloquent speaker and a trainer. He has written hundreds of photo features and articles for various newspapers and magazines.

For the staff

•     Proper arrangements were made for safe arrival and dispersal of the staff members as well. It was ensured that at no time should the staff members form clusters either while coming or leaving. We ensured that separate gates are used for arrival and dispersal and the specific area is sanitized once everyone has settled.

•     At the arrival, it is ensured that thermal screening of all the staff members is done in addition to sanitizing their hands and shoes.

•     Separate rooms, and wherever permissible, workstations atleast at a distance of two metres have been allotted to the staff members, thus doing away with the regular staff room system.

•     The staff too has been instructed to wear masks at all times along with full sleeve shirts.

For the parents

•     Parents have been instructed to maintain social distancing while dropping and picking up their child.

•     It is ensured that parents too wear masks while coming to school.

•     The school area visited by any parent is regularly sanitized.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the re-opening of school possesses its own challenges in terms of maintaining the safety of each individual, but  things can be tackled and smooth functioning can be ensured if the protocols are followed and adequate precautions are taken.

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