My passion for teaching – Dr Vipul Barsaley

My passion for teaching came to surface when I successfully imparted lectures to junior orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists

— Dr. Vipul Barsaley, Manager, Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden, Delhi

The sudden and unexpected demise of Dr. (Ms.) M. Barsaley, a great leader and humane personality, left a huge void. Now, filling her shoes would be quite a daunting and challenging task. How do you plan to move ahead?

The school was started by my grandfather- Sh. R.R Joshi ji and later on my mother took over the reins. She was an abyss of love, benevolence, concern and was not only humane and a great leader but also a repository of knowledge. Her persona was unparalleled and no one can match the standards she set for all of us. The question of filling her shoes does not arise at all! I cannot fill in her shoes and I never wanted to. I would indeed be fortunate if I could deliver even 1% of what she achieved in her life. I will give my hundred percent to shoulder the responsibilities and tasks she has left behind for me and I will carry forward this legacy with utmost dedication and sincerity. I will do everything in my power with boundless zeal to do which my dear mother had envisaged and expected me to do.

You have been a successful medical practitioner and an orthopedic surgeon. Now you are completely immersed into the educational field. What experiences can you take forward from your medical practice? What are the immediate challenges you face?

I have been into the field of education since I accomplished as an Orthopedic Surgeon. My passion for teaching came to the surface when I successfully imparted lectures to my junior orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, radiologists, occupational therapists and I guess education has been a part and parcel of my soul.

Well! The immediate challenges that I face is to accept that my mother is no more and to come to terms with it, to accept that she has been taken away at the cruel hands of death; to try not to miss her every day; to suddenly grow and become head of the family! I will try my best to turn these challenges into opportunities to get her divine blessings to fulfill all her desires and aspirations and make her smile eternally.

As a leader, you have to take everyone- teachers, administrative staff etc. many of whom may be older and experienced than you. How would you motivate and lead them from the front?

It is very aptly said that learning is an ongoing process and the saying goes well for me too. All the teachers and administrative staff is a family to me. I will seek the blessings and guidance from all those who are elder and more experienced than me, and for those who are younger and raw will be guided and helped to hone their academic acumen and teaching skills. They all will be taken in a healthy stride together for the betterment and progress of Greenfields Public school. I will ensure that each soul in Greenfields and in its allied branches is satiated, motivated, happy and contented and I am sure I will be able to accomplish this because of the divine and pious blessings of my mother which were showered upon me in the past, are being showered in present and I will continue to have them in future too.

What are the qualities you look for in teachers? What advice would you give to the teachers?

I expect teachers to connect and develop a strong bond with the learners, be a facilitator and friend to them; be empathetic and possess excellent intra and interpersonal communication skills.

It would be advisable to the teachers to transcend beyond the classrooms and give wings to their innovative ideas and light the bulb of creativity; to indulge in meticulous planning, organizing and execution of their lessons to mould the young learners who are like soft clay, into good human beings and success driven achievers.

What are your views on New Education Policy 2020, especially the ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) section?

New education policy is set to be a landmark in India’s history of education. It is one of the most important and appreciable steps taken by the government. It will change the way to judge learners on the basis of their results and dones away with rote based learning. It offers technology based learning, and envisages higher educational institutions to become multi-disciplinary. NEP has a lot in store as far as the career opportunities of learners are concerned.

ECCE is the very foundation of the schooling system and with my forte and expertise in this field, my major focus will be to shape these young minds, their academic and metamorphic transition and their holistic development. I believe, if the foundation is strong, the future will be bright and beautiful!

What drives you to work every day? How do you keep yourself motivated?

My passion is to strive for excellence, my vision is to see Greenfields scale greater heights and my mission to accomplish it, drives me to school every day and the hopes, desires, aspirations and the faith my mother imposed in me keeps me motivated and going.

What is your vision for Greenfields Public School?

Definitely not to confine Greenfields to NCR but to spread its branches across the nation and transcend the national boundaries. It was an ardent desire of my mother that I initiate the spreading of the branches and make Greenfields an International name. I, propelled with a lot of zeal, envision her desire to be fulfilled in the near future.

Tell us something about yourself— likes, dislikes, interests and what do you do in your free time?

Well! As I said earlier, I’m an Orthopedic Surgeon by profession, got into education a few years ago and fervently pursued it as a dream. I am not like a plateau but like a mountain where there is rise, surge and progress…and with tenacity, determination and strong will, I will pave a way for the progress of the school. I am God fearing person, like to read a lot and in my leisure time I like to sing and workout. I like people who are truthful and genuine, and strongly detest hypocrites, shirkers, fake people and those who do not respect their parents.

Dr (Ms.) Manik Barsaley, M.A, M.Ed, Ph. D was a veteran who stood dedicated and committed to the promotion of child-centred education. A widely travelled persona, Dr Barsaley was the recipient of a number of awards. She was the first woman state chief commissioner, Bharat Scouts & Guides, Delhi State. She received SILVER ELEPHANT AWARD in 1997 from Bharat Scouts & Guides, because of her exceptional contribution from His Excellency, Dr K R Narayanan, the then President of India.
During her acclaimed career over the decades, she spearheaded the campaign to ensure burden free education and joyful learning for the children. A very humane personality, she yearned to impart distinctive style of education, blending oriental and occidental and through these tries to forge qualities of courage, character and leadership among children. According to her, art, dance, music, games & sports formed an integrated personality of the child. She believed that an institution must produce students of great calibre who are able to face the challenges of a dynamic society and inspired students to be upright and sensitive.