How to maintain good mental health?

How to maintain good mental health?

-Kavita Khanna, PRT Junior wing, DPS Mathura Road

Mental health is as important as physical health. One should be open about seeking help and discussing with a right professional.

The only journey is the journey within.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

The best way to find a right professional is by doing a self- analysis.


It is a way of life. It really helps as one has to just identify the area of concern or anything that’s bothering him or her. Thereafter, accept that you have a particular mental block as everyone has one or many such mental blocks. There are so many guided meditation videos available on internet which one can view and start healing oneself from within. Guided meditation on anxiety management, over thinking, too much worrying, etc. can help individuals to deal with the turmoil rising from within. Every soul has certain unanswered questions for which it seeks answers.  Meditation takes one to the deeper understanding level, where questions regarding existence are being given a better thought. Individuals can find answers from the universe if they work on themselves and their understanding of life and existence. Meditation and mantras are like blessings of knowledgeable gurus, who have worked on using positive energies present around us. As we all know that everything works on law of attraction, whatever we think, we see it happening around us. We have the power to heal ourselves. We just need to accept that we are a small part of universe and our energy has to be channelized in a positive manner.

Red Flags

Be aware of signs or red flags which might be a signal to seek professional guidance for oneself or for the ones in the family and stay informed about one’s mental health status. This is called psycho-education. One should feel free to read books about their emotions, management of emotions, reason of emotional problems and how they are related to one’s personality. Also, children can express their doubts to adults around them. Elders and adults should take responsibility of psychological well-being of children in their family.

Also try and consult any mental health professional before coming to any conclusion or labelling anyone. Its important to make children thinkers, so that they can analyze their problems and be problem solvers.

Friends Are Also Healers

Make a group of friends and catch up with the old ones. They are selfless listeners. Friends are the ones who are like-minded and understand the other person and his or her problems and inabilities to resolve a certain emotional issue. They lend their ears to all sorts of problems one has and help in resolving issues within and those with other people. Talk therapy works wonders when it is between friends. Children should talk it out, and speak their minds to anyone they can confide in as this allows them to be their true self. Although family can be such a place where one can be his true self but, this would be out of discipline. It is very important to vent out inner fears.

Keep oneself busy with virtual classes like, music, aerobics, Zumba, etc. Keep exercising, do pranayama and do breathing exercises to remain fit. We should not forget health is the real wealth. One should enrol for live zoom classes or watch youtube links for the same.

Reading or writing a book

One can work on maintaining a better mental health condition by reading and writing books and sharing one’s knowledge and experience with the world. Every experience is different and unique in itself and every individual has something to share and contribute to the society. So pen down all your thoughts.

Children should spend more time reading books as books are one’s best friend.

 All in all, maintain good mental health to live a good, fuller and meaningful life.